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"How Innocent People Are Convicted in the American Justice System"

In this informative, new video, Leon J. Sinoff, Esq. explains why Judge Learned Hand was wrong when he said, “Our procedure has been always haunted by the ghost of the innocent man convicted. It is an unreal dream.” 1923 (writing in United States v. Garrison, 291 F. 646).

The Pope Takes a Break

Headlines like “You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven” and “Who am I to judge?” make Pope Francis appear more welcoming and open to discussion. Are there hidden risks in Pope Francis’s welcoming comments?

AAA for Attitudes

Did you hear what they did this time? Within a group, it’s easy to start a conversation by mentioning the latest stupid, cruel, or unfair thing that an outsider said or did. It’s nice to know that someone shares an attitude, a frustration, or a laugh, and if you’re tuned in to what’s going on and thinking critically, you can find plenty to talk about. Unfortunately, talking at length about things that others have done wrong can also generate discouragement and distrust. I’d like to offer some strategies for staying encouraged even when there are many problems to address.

"Why I Am A Recovering Fundamentalist"

From pastor's son to atheist and from indoctrination to investigation, member Drew Stedman shares the story of his path toward freedom. You can see Drew's story by following this link:


Evolution of the Dial-A-Humanist Service

Hello, my name is Jay, and I am the founder of Dial-A-Humanist (DAH) which evolved out of the ideas for Dial-An-Atheist (DAA). Dial-A-Humanist uses voicemail technology rather than the difficult and problematic taped message machines that Frank Zindler dealt with for the earlier Dial-An-Atheist service.

Critics and Reformers

Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspire people with their dreams even years after they have died. Dr. King was more than a social critic. Dr. King was a reformer. Since Humanists have hopes for things we’d like to see in society, this message will explore the strategies of the critic and the reformer to see how good leaders help people learn and change.

Julia McCain Nominated to HCCO Board of Trustees

The HCCO Board of Trustees has nominated former Director of Programming Julia McCain to become a new member of the board.  This nomination is contingent upon the approval of two thirds of the members in attendance at September's monthly program.


Please plan to attend September's monthly program on September 14th, 2013.  The conversation topic will be "How Innocent People are Convicted in the Criminal Justice System."

Monthly program MeetUp site: http://www.meetup.com/HumanistOhio/events/114819482/

Generation Atheist

The book Generation Atheist by Dan Riley contains interviews of 25 young atheists from many different backgrounds sharing their stories of how each became a nonbeliever. Included are people of different religious backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations. For some, becoming a nonbeliever went smoothly. For others, the transition to non-belief had high costs. Through the differences in the stories, the complexities of becoming a nonbeliever become more clear.

HCCO Member Featured Blog Post - Doug Berger

HCCO Board member Doug Berger comments on male privilege within nontheist communities and asks some difficult questions.

HCCO Article Nominated for The Heart of Humanism Award - Please Vote Today!

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio has been nominated as a Finalist for Best Article in the Heart of Humanism Awards by The Foundation Beyond Belief. We need your votes to win, so please share this article and keep the votes coming!

Link to voting for The Heart of Humanism Award:



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