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Bleed and Feed Blood Drive 2.0!

HCCO is excited to host our second-ever blood drive in just a few weeks.  We'll be in the first-floor meeting room of our office building at 1550 Old Henderson Rd in Columbus from 2pm to 8pm on Thursday, August 8th between 2pm and 8pm.  We're looking for both blood donors as well as volunteers - will you help us out?

Quality Testing Life

This past week, I’ve been enjoying myself in a country with policies that for some Americans would be a nightmare come true.  Our neighbors to the north in Canada live with universal health care paid through taxes, same-sex marriage, use of multiple languages, and even the metric system.  Attempts to adopt similar policies in the United States have generated wild speculations about the consequences.  Rick Santorum claimed that marriage equality would lead to people getting involved with dogs.  Sarah Palin claimed that providing health care for all Americans would lead to death panels while

Help out a Humanist Today!

Last week, Foundation Beyond Belief launched Helping Hands, an initiative of our Beyond Belief Network to use Foundation Beyond Belief’s network of secular humanist teams, fantastic charities, and social media presence to help atheists in need of a helping hand.

Humanist Community of Central Ohio Seeks Part-Time Coordinator

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio is seeking a part-time
Coordinator. The Coordinator will report directly to HCCO's elected
President, and will be responsible for coordinating membership
activities and furthering the mission of the organization. She or he
will also be responsible for carrying out and assisting with
fundraising with the cooperation of the board. Many duties will be
delegated to volunteers, and the Coordinator will be responsible for

HCCO Summer Solstice Potluck!

HCCO Summer Solstice Potluck

Date: Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Time: 11am-3pm

Location: Whetstone Shelter house 3901 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43214 (see directions below).

Membership Spotlight: Doug Berger

By Doug Berger

I never knew my world view, focused on a non-theistic rational way of life in the here and now, had a label until I met the people in the Humanist Community of Central Ohio back in 1994. It was then I was able to give my views the label of Humanism and that HCCO was a group of people who believed the same way I did.

Community Building at the Community Festival

A few days ago, someone explained her surprise in discovering that Columbus’s Community Festival gives space to much more than people partying. In many ways, Columbus’s Community Festival or Comfest is a “party with a purpose.” Each summer, Comfest brings together people who share humanitarian values, who want to live “in harmony with the environment,” and who work to eliminate divisive and oppressive prejudices and attitudes.


Dear HCCO members and friends,

Making Peace With Reality

As I was writing this message, I got news of a high school teammate who just died. Life does have its share of shocks, frustrations, and disappointments, and talk of seeing someone in heaven does not offer me comfort. Buddhists have made the exaggerated claim that “life is suffering.” And the Bible claims that “with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.” (Ecclesiastes 1:18) The issue raised is one worth investigating. Do the realities of life doom people to unhappiness?


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