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HCCO Article Nominated for The Heart of Humanism Award - Please Vote Today!

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio has been nominated as a Finalist for Best Article in the Heart of Humanism Awards by The Foundation Beyond Belief. We need your votes to win, so please share this article and keep the votes coming!

Link to voting for The Heart of Humanism Award:


Saturday's Summer Potluck was a Huge Success!

Thoughts from a Humanist - Is Religion Really Worth Escaping?

HCCO Member Brittany Shoots-Reinhard responds to a question often asked of nontheists - Is religion really something worth escaping?  The link below leads to her thoughts on the matter:



Liz James, a long time member and friend, has passed

Our friend Liz JamesWe learned this week that local poet and long time Humanist Community member died on Sunday (August 4th).

Liz was an enthusiastic member as the mission of HCCO fit with her support in human rights.  She was also a poet of note in Columbus having been a co-founder of the Poetry Forum at Larry's Bar and organizing the first poetry readings at the Columbus Arts Festival.

Ups and Downs of Symbols

While driving down Summit Street, I got a fun surprise. The surprise came from seeing a Humanist’s Happy Human sign on the back of a car parked on the side of the road. The Happy Human looks something like a wide stick figure with arms raised in excitement, but seeing this stick figure gave me a jolt. In this message, I’ll examine some ups and downs of symbols.

Central Ohio Secular Parents Support Group

Being a parent is not always easy and a one can feel very overwhelmed and alone. With this in mind, the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) decided to create this support group. The goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where parents can interact with other parents from the secular community and learn from one another.

Hope After Faith

We all have stories about how we became Humanists, but stories of ministers who lose their faith are most startling because people look to ministers as a support for faith and because ministers are assumed to have a lifetime commitment.  Jerry DeWitt’s story in Hope After Faith tells the struggles of a minister going from a passionate faith in a supernatural Christianity to an acceptance of the realities of life and a hope in his own limited ability to handle those realities.  

Welcome Freethinkers Book Club!

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) would like to welcome the Freethinkers Book Club to our list of events. Rita will continue to host and run the meetup, but HCCO will be promoting the event. The Freethinkers Book Club will be hosted via HCCO's meetup and continue to meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at the Chocolate Cafe. The transition will be official for the meeting on August 22, 2013 at 6:30pm.

Attending a Christian Apologetics Conference

On Thursday July 11th merely one day before the SSA conference kicked off here in Columbus I was given the opportunity to do something that just a few years ago would have never dreamed a possibility for me. I was invited to join another atheist friend to speak on stage at a Christian apologetics conference with an author who has written two books on evangelism with a special emphasis on the best methods of speaking to the non-believer. We were to be the token atheists for his presentation and were given the opportunity to answer questions from the audience.


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